How We Clean Up Messy Manufacturing Processes

Most manufacturers already know that the more complicated something is, the more potential there is for trouble. Whether you’re talking about a product or a process, more moving parts means a greater opportunity for problems. For example, many companies rely on multiple vendors to handle various elements of their production cycle. When a product is handed to so many different parties, the odds that waste will be introduced increases. With the additional transportation, administration and handling that this entails, being efficient can be challenging.

This is why lean manufacturing has become so prevalent throughout the industry. These principles are built around eliminating inefficiency, which ultimately means lower production costs and higher profitability. Manufacturers that partner with vendors subscribing to this philosophy gain numerous benefits.

Creating a Single Source

At Rhinehart Finishing, we understand the value lean thinking provides our customers. We have structured our processes to give them the most benefit from such practices. This is why we offer a single source for coating services. We do practically everything from cleaning and pretreatment to coating, assembly and packaging. By offering all of these services under the same roof, we lessen the potential for inefficiencies and help our clients run the most streamlined and effective operations.

Eliminating Waste, Saving Money

Using a single vendor for finishing services reduces the number of hands that touch a product. This means there is less chance for waste to enter the equation. For example, transporting the product back and forth to different outsourcing facilities means trucks may be delayed by traffic or bad weather. When everything is done in one facility, customers receive their goods much sooner.

A single-source provider also reduces the odds that items will be damaged during handling. This results in less risk of reworks and rush orders. Not to mention, it also cuts down on the amount of work that has to be done in the front office. Your purchasing department will only need to deal with one purchasing order from a single vendor, rather than several.

Waste is the enemy of manufacturing. The more steps your process has, the more of a mess you can have on your hands. When choosing Rhinehart Finishing to handle your products from beginning to end, you clean up your production cycle and save a lot.