Lean Manufacturing Management

A lean manufacturing company focuses on driving out waste. The benefits include lower costs, higher quality and faster order turnaround. Waste takes many forms and is found at every step of the journey — from raw material to finished product. In lean manufacturing, waste can be found in activities such as handling, queuing and transportation. These add no value yet are hard to eliminate.

When sequential manufacturing operations are contracted to several specialists — as is often the case with finishing processes — the potential for wasteful activities grows larger. With multiple vendors, there is extra transport and handling, more administrative effort and delays at every step.

Single Source Your Product Finishing

The solution is to work with a lean management company that is well-versed in this concept. At Rhinehart Finishing, we understand the lean manufacturing systems our customers use, and we've structured our manufacturing execution system accordingly.

Placing processes from cleaning and pretreatment to coating, assembly and packaging under one roof can help eliminate waste. There's less waiting, less handling and no need for transport between plants that might be spread over a wide area.

Complete Lean Manufacturing Services

Rhinehart Finishing does more than part cleaning and coating. We can kit, package and ship your products direct to your customers. As we’re co-located with fabrication specialists Rhinehart Development, our sister company, we can even manufacture on site. Performing all of those operations in one place saves time and improves efficiency.

Benefits of Rhinehart Finishing’s Lean Services

  • No time wasted in transporting product back and forth to and between outsourced companies. Your customers get their products faster and you get paid sooner.
  • Less potential for handling damage, which cuts rework costs, improves yields and avoids rush orders to make up quantity shortfalls.
  • Reduced purchasing department workload. Rather than issuing multiple purchase orders and monitoring several vendors, you only have to deal with one.
  • Freight costs are minimized because there's no need to ship parts to you then to other vendors. They come to us and we ship them to your customers.
  • Superior visibility throughout the process. Instead of making calls to track down overdue orders, Rhinehart Finishing’s manufacturing execution system provides accurate and up-to-date status information on every order.

The Lean Journey

Manufacturers committed to “lean” understand this is a journey, not a project or short-term initiative. Working to become lean means understanding the “seven wastes” and implementing measures to remove them. Lean expressions such as kaizen, kanban and muda originated in Japan, principally at Toyota, and have spread across the globe, because they work.

At Rhinehart Finishing, we understand lean and the many tools lean practitioners use. We have our own improvement processes for removing waste and are comfortable working with those used by our customers. Fully committed to lean manufacturing management, trust us to be your lean finishing partner. Contact us today to learn more!