Aerospace & Aircraft Painting Services

Aerospace manufacturers depend on aircraft coatings that do more than give their jets, missiles and space vehicles a distinctive look. When it comes to aerospace, coatings also enable these machines to achieve faster speeds and greater fuel economy while withstanding difficult conditions. That’s in addition to the protection they offer from wear and corrosion. Successful aerospace finishing requires an extensive understanding of the products and techniques that combine to give the best results under the world’s most demanding circumstances. This is why Rhinehart Finishing stands as a leader in aerospace painting serving the industry today.

With our experience in all types of finishes and coatings across a broad spectrum of industries, we’ve developed more expertise than just about anyone. That makes us ideally suited to meet the challenging requirements of the aerospace sector. When our customers put their confidence in us, they know they will receive the most comprehensive aircraft painting services and the highest levels of professionalism.

Expertise Every Step of the Way

Painting an aircraft is a complex, multi-stage process that requires extensive expertise. As a top provider of aerospace painting, Rhinehart Finishing has the ability to perform each step with precision and attention to detail.

Typically, the aircraft coating process begins with washing the plane, then covering or removing any delicate components, including the flight controls. Next, the craft is carefully inspected. Any corrosion or damages are addressed before it is washed again. After a specialized epoxy primer is applied, our professionals paint a basecoat, followed by the chosen colors and a final clear coat.

Aircraft Parts Painting

No matter how advanced the aircraft, it will only perform as well as its components. This means keeping them protected from stress and the elements is of the utmost importance. Even high-tech equipment will fail if it is worn down by heat, friction and/or environmental conditions. When they choose to work with Rhinehart Finishing for aircraft parts painting, our customers know they will receive the highest levels of technical expertise and industry experience to help them find the right coatings for aerospace parts to achieve their desired performance outcomes.

Our Services

Here’s a brief summary of some of the many offerings we can provide to aerospace companies:

  • Mechanical cleaning/pretreatment — Ensuring proper adhesion is crucial, and our advanced manual and automated techniques do just that. We can prepare virtually any surface, and our zinc phosphate pretreatment system is certified by the Department of Defense to treat military equipment. This means unparalleled quality for all our clients.
  • Liquid spray paint services — We’re the experts in aerospace and aviation paint, and our capabilities are among the most versatile in the marketplace. Our environmentally friendly painting booths can accommodate part sizes up to 12’ by 3’ by 6’. With our state-of-the-art automated and manual lines, we can handle small or intricate aircraft parts painting just as easily.
  • Powder coating — Our extensive knowledge of aerospace powder coating processes makes us a go-to source for protection against wear and the elements. As a TACOM-approved combat-grade coating applicator, we have the know-how to deliver the best possible results.

Why Experience Matters

Aircraft painting services are critical to the lifespan and performance of a plane. Without proper coatings, your fleet may be exposed to the elements and start degrading at an accelerated rate. To protect those assets, it is important to have experienced professionals on the job. With unskilled contractors, you run the risk of receiving incomplete or flawed services, which can have serious consequences down the road.

Rhinehart Finishing has been serving the aerospace industry for years. We have the right combination of skill and experience needed to ensure the best results. Plus, we use only the most durable, longest-lasting materials available to safeguard your investment and provide the highest levels of quality. Our commitment and adherence to the most effective safety procedures will help protect your equipment and our personnel. You can count on us to deliver complete, reliable services that suit all of your needs.

Traveling higher, farther and faster than ever before can’t be accomplished without complete trust in your equipment. Ensuring that aircraft and spacecraft can climb to the loftiest heights is what we do. Our aerospace defense coatings can shield essential components and systems from the atmospheric challenges of high-altitude travel. As a result of our aerospace painting expertise, we have become a trusted partner to many of the biggest names in the industry. To learn about how we help our clients achieve their goals, get in touch with us today.