The Importance Of Nondestructive Testing

Whether you use liquid penetrants, acoustic emissions or ultrasonic waves, the purpose of nondestructive testing is to assess the properties of a system or a component without damaging it. Nondestructive testing goes much deeper than visual inspections, because it can identify flaws that are invisible to the naked eye. Beyond the obvious benefits of nondestructive testing in terms of being able to identify issues, there are numerous other ways in which nondestructive testing is a good idea. However, manufacturers may not be convinced that they need to go through with nondestructive testing as part of their examination process. With that in mind, here are qualities that illustrate the importance of nondestructive testing:

  • It’s safer. Nondestructive testing, as the name implies, is intended to cause no damage to the materials or components being tested. However, that also applies to the people conducting the tests, as nondestructive testing techniques are harmless to humans. That’s not to mention the fact that it identifies flaws that otherwise could result in catastrophic equipment failure that could put people’s lives and property at risk.
  • It’s reliable. Because it doesn’t cause any ill effects to what is being tested, nondestructive testing can be performed over and over again, so nothing is left to chance. Manufacturers can choose to have the same components tested through multiple techniques to achieve the most accurate results.
  • It’s affordable. Testing through destructive means can yield a lot of good data, but it also results in the loss of whatever was being tested. Nondestructive testing not only eliminates those losses for a manufacturer, but it also can reveal hidden flaws that could lead to costly product failures or recalls if those flaws are not found. By taking advantage of nondestructive testing, manufacturers and their customers can be more confident in the integrity of their products or components, which can have a significant impact on the bottom line. The confidence nondestructive testing can instill in a manufacturer’s customers is priceless.

No matter what technique is used, nondestructive testing in any form gives manufacturers substantial advantages over destructive testing. Rhinehart Finishing is recognized as a leader in nondestructive testing services, so reach out to us today to find out how we can leverage the benefits for your business.