What Standards Are There For Military Coating Specifications?

America’s military isn’t just expected to be the best of the best — it has to be. Ensuring the protection of our people, our nation and our freedoms means performing at the highest possible level across the board. The same principle applies to the equipment used by our men and women in uniform, which not only has to perform at the highest levels possible, but also has to do so under the worst circumstances possible. Defending our nation and our interests around the world means our military’s equipment has to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh conditions and relentless use — not to mention the rigors of heavy combat. To help protect the equipment that protects our military and our nation, manufacturers in the military sector often rely on specialized painting and powder coating services.

Military equipment has to live up to higher standards than commercially available equipment. As such, military coatings have to have higher standards, as well. That’s why the federal government has established a series of specialized standards and formulas that military coatings must adhere to in order to be approved for use by the armed forces. Known as military specifications, or “mil spec,” these rules safeguard that the coatings used by the defense sector meet the demanding standards of the U.S. military.

Mil Spec Coatings — Used Beyond the Military

Mil spec coatings are, by definition, the standard for military use. Yet their ability to withstand punishment and dependability means that mil spec has become standard issue in the private sector, as well. Numerous manufacturers outside the defense sector have utilized mil spec coatings for their equipment because their customers demand and expect the highest standards of quality from them.

As a recognized leader in the coating industry, Rhinehart Finishing is proud to hold the qualifications necessary to provide mil spec coatings to our customers in the defense sector and elsewhere. We apply our specialized knowledge in that area to a wide variety of applications.

Our nation’s military needs to be at its best at all times, and Rhinehart Finishing is proud of the part we play in keeping it that way. For more information about our certifications or our services, contact Rhinehart Finishing today.