What’s The Difference Between Spray Painting And Industrial Powder Coating?

Finishing the components you produce is essential for protecting them against the elements and ensuring that your customers get the most value from them. When it comes to finishes, you have two primary choices: traditional liquid paint or industrial powder coating. Both will provide protection, but there are some instances where choosing either powder coating or painting makes more sense for a number of reasons.

Here are some of the key differences between powder coating and painting to help you decide what makes the most sense for your project.

Powder Coating vs. Painting


Paint continues to be a popular choice for finishing components: First and foremost, it is relatively inexpensive. It also allows for a greater variation in texture, being able to create a finer finish than powder coating. What’s more, paint is much easier to touch up in the event of scratching than powder coating.

However, paint also has a number of disadvantages, depending on your application. Because it contains solvents and is sprayed onto parts, paint can contribute to air pollution and harm the environment if proper precautions aren’t taken. It’s also generally a lot less durable than powder coating and is more susceptible to scratching, chipping and fading.

Powder Coating

Industrial powder coating is applied to components by running an electric charge through the part that attracts the powder. Then, the part is cured in an oven. This means powder coating tends to be far more durable than traditional paint, making it a better choice for components that are expected to withstand heavy stress. It also can be applied in heavier coats than paint — boosting its durability even higher. Because it doesn’t escape into the air or contain solvents, powder coating is more eco-friendly than paint.

On the other hand, the relative complexity of applying powder coating makes it the more expensive finishing process. Another disadvantage to powder coating is that it is considerably more difficult to touch up if it becomes scratched or chipped.

Both powder coating and paint can provide the protection you need for your parts, but one or the other may be the better choice based on your particular application.

Think about which one makes more sense for your project, then reach out to Rhinehart Finishing for professional finishing services to meet all your needs.