Why Use Industrial Spray Paint?

As a manufacturer, you know that the ultimate product sold to customers is trust. As long as the people who buy your products can be confident in the quality of what you make, you should succeed. That’s why, when it comes to finishing products, you should choose the coating that will do the best job of fulfilling your promises to consumers. You want to offer customers reliability and high quality.

Although there are other options that may be cheaper and seem easier, choosing industrial painting services can do so much more for you. Here are important facts you should know about it and why it makes sense for your applications.

What Makes Industrial Spray Paint Different?

All coatings have the same basic purpose — to coat and protect a surface. However, not all coatings are created equal. You might hear the phrase “spray paint” and think of the cans you can pick up at your local hardware store. Yet an industrial coating has to be a lot stronger.

Specialized formulations provide enhanced durability and protection against the elements or even attacks with chemical agents. Often, these processes involve multiple stages including pretreatment, primers and topcoats. Simply put, these paints require a level of technical know-how that extends beyond simply spraying a few coats onto the surface and leaving it to dry.

Why Choose Spray Paint?

When compared to other types of coatings such as powder, spray paint offers manufacturing operations some significant advantages. Among these are:

  • Lower initial cost: Adding a spraying booth to your existing production facility is more cost-effective at the onset than other options.
  • Greater efficiency: This can be the best method for painting a large surface area quickly. Additionally, today’s advanced systems minimize overspray. This means less wasted material and more efficient application.
  • Faster processes: Incorporating this procedure into your operation can lead to shorter cycle times. This enables you to hit production milestones with ease and fulfill orders faster and more reliably.
  • Higher quality: Modern paints provide a smooth, even finish that also gives superior protection from the elements.

Rhinehart Finishing Is Your Solution

No other contractor has the combination of expertise and capabilities of Rhinehart Finishing. Our state-of-the-art overhead system for liquid coating application is utilized to coat components with military-grade paints. We specialize in Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, but also can supply many commercial coatings. Further, our facilities enable us to coat even smaller and more intricate parts with ease.

When it comes to protecting your products and offering your end users the highest levels of quality, industrial spray paint may be your best option. When choosing us, expect to receive exceptional, knowledgeable service and modern capabilities.